Friday, August 5, 2011

14 Reasons To Lose 104 Pounds

224.2 my scale said to me this morning.  104 pounds to shed before I reach my goal weight.

1. To survive the zombie apocalypse. They're gonna eat the fat people first.
2. To survive Parker's Toddler Years. They wear out the fat mommy's first.
3. To help my wardrobe budget. I keep having to buy new work pants because the thighs rub together constantly and get huge holes in them.
4. To ease the pain in my feet. I'm sure carrying around 100+ extra pounds ins't good for them.
5. To have a "baby belly." I was so fat already that when I was pregnant with Parker you couldn't tell I was pregnant.
6. To play with my son without having to stop and catch my breath. He doesn't want to do much NOW, but soon he's gonna want to run and play.
7. To ride a roller coaster without being embarrassed that it might not LOCK over my tummy.
8. To face my own reflection without cringing.
9. To be able to wear and look good in the kind of clothes I really like, but never wear because they don't make them for fat people.
10. To help my career. Thin people get more respect int he business world. I have a gut feeling (ha-ha) that if I try to take out a small business loan I�ll be more likely to get it if I'm thin.
11. So I can eat out without feeling like I'm being judged by my server.
12. Better flexibility for....umm.....grownup stuff.
13. To keep living, without having to worry about a heart attack, diabetes, stroke or other bad things that can happy to skinny people but more often happy to us chunky ones.
14.  To lessen the pain in my knees, feet and hips.  People keep telling me I'd hurt less if I weighed less.

Monday, August 1, 2011

August 1, 2011

Another gain for the month of July, leaving me at 221.2 in the start of August.

I've decided to "reboot" my diet for August.  Instead of dwelling on how much I lost, and then re-gained this year, I'm thinking of this as my new DAY ONE instead of my MONTH 8.

My daily weight chart shows the heart-rate of a very unhealthy person.  One that flat lined for a while.

Lets work for august having a downward trend.