Sunday, March 20, 2011

There is less of me today...

I woke up this morning feeling a rumble in my tummy, and a little ache.  My legs ache too, and my shoulders.

I crawled out of bed, went to the bathroom, then right back to my bedroom where I pulled my scale out from under the dresser, where it stays, waiting for me to unveil it every morning.

I've been weighing myself EVERY morning.  It lets me know when I get stuck and need to work a little harder, or when that number starts climbing and I need to work a LOT harder.

For a couple of weeks I was stuck on a plateau that kept me between 219 and 220.  No higher but no lower either.  Then, after the time change, I added a walk after supper every day to my routine and it started going down again.

For two days that scale has told me 216, and I was determined yesterday to bring it down to 215 by this morning.

I guzzled water.  I didn't eat a brownie even though I REALLY wanted to.  I walked 1/2 a mile, did 30 mintues  of aerobic games on the wii fit, and did 3 minutes on my gazelle.  (That machine kicks my tush...but that is fodder for a different post)

This morning when I stepped on that scale with my grumbly tumbly It didn't give me the 215 I had hoped for.

No, it gave me a 214.0


And to make it even more astounding, I had a little red visitor, lets call him TOM shall we, show up this morning, and that usually weighs me 5 pounds heavy.  So maybe a week from now I'll suddenly drop 5 pound.

But as of right now I am 16 pounds lighter than I was at the start of the year.

As usual, my announcement of this to my husband was met with little to no response, but thats okay, I know my internet family is out there cheering me on.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Monday Weigh In - This Weeks Goals

Weighed in at 219 this morning!

This weeks goals:

1.  Drink no less than 36 oz of water a day.
2.  Go for a walk every day.


To be 199 by the end of the month.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Grocery Day and Future Plans

The good news is that I am still shed of that entire bag of taters.

The bad news is that I've not lost any more.  I keep dipping down to 219, then back up to 220.

This morning was 219 again.  I have a feeling (due to a junk food binge tonight) that it will be right back to 220, maybe even 221.  (I ate a LOT of pringles)

Today was grocery day, and I shopped pretty good for myself.  Lots of yogurt.  Some cottage cheese.  Some fruit.  Canned beans and veggies.  Canned tuna.

I did buy a pack of sandwich meat, which was bad, and some peperoni, also bad.  Hubby slipped in a can of my favorite pringles (honey mustard) probably to keep me out of his, and I've eaten at least half the can tonight.

Even though I weigh myself in every day, I think I need to set a specific weigh in day, which will be Mondays.  Maybe knowing I'm weighing in on Monday will keep me on track over weekends.  Work weekends are not that hard, but home weekends are a challenge.

So, tomorrow I'll weigh in with my "official" weight to start the week.

I'm also going to list my specific goals for the week.

And, the first weigh in of each month I'm going to start sharing a photo of my current progress and body measurements as well as weighing in.

I need to work on vlogs too, but still have no idea what to say in them.  I've always been better at typing than talking.  lol

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Motivation....I Lack it

I was very sick yesterday.  Not a pretty kind of sick either, not that any kind of sick is pretty.

But I weighed in this morning at 223.0.

So, while puking my guts up I managed to fain 3 pounds.  Leave it to me.