Sunday, March 20, 2011

There is less of me today...

I woke up this morning feeling a rumble in my tummy, and a little ache.  My legs ache too, and my shoulders.

I crawled out of bed, went to the bathroom, then right back to my bedroom where I pulled my scale out from under the dresser, where it stays, waiting for me to unveil it every morning.

I've been weighing myself EVERY morning.  It lets me know when I get stuck and need to work a little harder, or when that number starts climbing and I need to work a LOT harder.

For a couple of weeks I was stuck on a plateau that kept me between 219 and 220.  No higher but no lower either.  Then, after the time change, I added a walk after supper every day to my routine and it started going down again.

For two days that scale has told me 216, and I was determined yesterday to bring it down to 215 by this morning.

I guzzled water.  I didn't eat a brownie even though I REALLY wanted to.  I walked 1/2 a mile, did 30 mintues  of aerobic games on the wii fit, and did 3 minutes on my gazelle.  (That machine kicks my tush...but that is fodder for a different post)

This morning when I stepped on that scale with my grumbly tumbly It didn't give me the 215 I had hoped for.

No, it gave me a 214.0


And to make it even more astounding, I had a little red visitor, lets call him TOM shall we, show up this morning, and that usually weighs me 5 pounds heavy.  So maybe a week from now I'll suddenly drop 5 pound.

But as of right now I am 16 pounds lighter than I was at the start of the year.

As usual, my announcement of this to my husband was met with little to no response, but thats okay, I know my internet family is out there cheering me on.


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