Monday, September 26, 2011

Reasons to Lose Weight: Baby Belly

As I look down at my prodigious gut, I think about how badly I want a baby bump.

I've been pregnant once, and was blessed with a healthy pregnancy. No weight related complications despite the fact that I was around my heaviest weight when I got pregnant.

A slender co-worker was pregnant at the same time. She was 2 months ahead of me, and had a baby bump.

I wanted so badly for people not in my own family or circle of friends to know I was pregnant.

While she got all the "When are you due?"s and "What are you having?"s I just got funny looks from people when I told them I couldn't climb the tall ladder and get down the heavy box/tree/whatever for them because I was pregnant. I could see it written all over their faces they just thought I was being what all fat people are....lazy.

I want another baby, but I also want a baby belly the next time, because I don't (currently) plan on having more than 2 kids.

Also, I was thinking that maybe, just MAYBE, if everything about ME was different from my first pregnancy, that it might increase my chance of having a girl this time.

When I was pregnant with my son, I WANTED a little boy, but now I would like to have a girl. So if I grew a boy while overweight and unfit, maybe a lighter weight and healthier body would grow a little girl?

Pure supersition of course, but you never know.....


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