Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Commit to Be Fit - Yahoo Group

Tonight I went to post something to a diet group I've been in forever,
and found the group had been deleted without any warning!

Other than the fact that I've been part of the group forever, it
really wasn't too much of a loss.  I was a moderator, but it wasn't MY
group, and I coudln't/didn't try very hard to keep it going.

But it was the ONLY weight loss group I was in, and I don't much feel
like trying to join an established group and make my own spot within a
group of people that already know each other.

So, long story short, I made my own weight loss/fitness group tonight.
 And I know that in each of the groups at some point people have
discussed the weight they are trying to lose, so I thought I'd extend
an invitation to anyone to join.  You're welcome to join mine which is:


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